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Listed below is just some of the common diagnoses we treat and remedy. Please call us to inquire about your problem and find out how we can help.

Child Physiotherapy

Knee injuries

Osteoarthritis, meniscus, total knee replacement, post surgical

Back Massage

Neck and Back

Degenerative disc, stiff neck, pinched nerve, thoracic outlet

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Posture + Balance

Scoliosis, bad posture, recent falls, 


Headache + Vertigo

Feeling dizzy when changing positions, tension headaches

Physical Therapist

Low back injuries

Herniated disc, bulging disc, muscle strain, muscle spams

Tennis Match

Sport injuries

Running, tennis, basketball, swimming, golf


Shoulder injuries

Impingement, rotator cuff, bicep tendonitis

Senior Therapy

Strength & Endurance

Looking for a way to boost your stamina and strength.

Mani Pedi

Foot injuries

Plantar fascitis, flat feet, heel pain, bunions

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